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Since January 10th till date, we have sold over 1500 pieces of this amazing wristwatch with 97% delivery rate and more than 30% of our customers have recommended this cool watch to their friends.




Because it’s a quality water resistent wristwatch, it’s light weight and it matches most semi formal and casual outfits. We are feeling generous today and would like some of our customers to have it at a 30% discount.



But this discount will apply for the next 15 people to place an order right away. Please note that our pay on delivery service only covers Lagos orders. If You live outside Lagos, you have to pay first and also cover the cost of waybill before we ship the product.



And if you live on the outskirts of Lagos [Ikorodu, Agbara, After Ajah etc] you have to pay an extra N2,000 for delivery. Please have this on your mind before you place an order.

What You see is exactly what You get in your order. These are live pictures taking with a very good camera and good background. To place Your order, please fill the order form below.



If You don’t have money yet, You can simply save this page and order later because we get charged when You fill the order form. Also if You’d be travelling out of Lagos or any other location, don’t place an order until You return to your base.

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